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Resources under C2S Programme

  1. Centralized Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools facility
    • Access of EDA tools facility to all Participating Institutions in centralize manner for designing of FPGAs/ASICs/SoCs/IP Core(s).
    • Enablement of optimal utilization of licenses required by Participating Institutions for development of their designs.
  2. Instruction Enhancement Programmes (IEPs)
    • IEPs would be organized on Emerging Technology area and VLSI/Embedded System design.
    • Industry experts and Experts from EDA tool vendors etc. would be invited for providing technical sessions.
    • Recorded technical sessions of the IEPs would also be made available at C2S website.
  3. Skilled Manpower Advanced Research and Training (SMART) facility
    • SMART lab facility, set up at NIELIT Calicut, is a national facility for Remote VLSI and Embedded System advanced training.
    • Targeted to facilitate electronics hardware design technology and training needs for small scale electronics industries, researchers, and students across the country.
    • Students, Researchers, Startup industries will be able to access the facility, anytime and anywhere.
    • Enablement of remote hardware access to approximately 20,000 candidates/year.
    • Generation of skilled manpower as well as, Intellectual Property generation in VLSI, electronics hardware and embedded system design areas.
  4. Organizing Workshops/Symposiums/Conferences/Webinars
    • Under the programme, annual Conference/Workshop/Symposium etc. with emphasis on emerging areas/trends in Microelectronics/VLSI/Embedded System design/Hardware Security would be organized.
    • Leading National/International Experts/guest faculty from Academia/R&D organizations/Industry would be invited to deliver lectures in these workshops /symposiums/webinars.
    • Students/Researchers would be supported to attend and present the paper in International Conferences for the work carried out under the projects.
  5. Chip Design Infrastructure
    • Providing FPGA boards for early prototyping and embedded software development based on requirements.
    • Fab compliance validation of designs, design flow establishment with a specific set of EDA tools and Fab PDK, Packaging of Chips, Testing and Characterization would be provided in centralized manner through India Chip Centre.
    • Handholding the new Institutions/Startups participating under the Programme for their ASIC and FPGA based designs.
    • Providing Compute Infrastructure for simulating designs based on requirements.
    • Workstations/Servers for 8 North eastern NITs.
  6. Creation of reusable IPs repository
    • Repository of designs carried out by the participating Institutions under the program would be set up at Chip Centre.
    • Repository of Reusable IP cores could be made readily available for use by other designers/Participating Institutes.
  7. Protection of Intellectual Property (IPs) Core Generated
    • To protect the IP generated, Institutions would be encouraged to file Patents, protect ASICs/IP Core (under Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout-Design Circuits Layout Design Act) etc. developed under the Projects.
    • Fund Provision would be kept for filing of Patents of the IP Core(s) generated.
  8. India Chip Programme
    • Fabrication at Overseas foundry on need basis in Multi Project Wafer (MPW) mode.
    • This will include ASICs designed by the students/researchers of Academia/R&D Institutions/Startup/MSMEs participating under C2S Programme.

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